Mediation Information & Assessment Meeting - the first meeting

Since  April 2011, separating couples have to consider mediation to resolve any disputes over their property and financial affairs or issues concerning children before applying to the court (unless there are reasons for exemption such as domestic violence or child protection issues).

All couples are expected to attend a Mediation Information & Assessment Meeting, otherwise known as a MIAM. The meeting lasts about an hour and can be conducted separately if necessary, but it is best if both persons attend.

The meeting takes place in a venue of your choice. Please see our list of centres in Locations

Alternatively, we can arrange a 3-way telephone or Skype meeting. Lower fees apply. Cost

The purpose of the meeting is to give you the information you need about the benefits of mediation over a court case, and also to assess you as to whether you are suitable candidates for the mediation process. We will also screen you for any domestic abuse or child protection issues.

You will be asked to explain what issues you are looking to resolve and we will also need a certain amount of information from you including name, address, income and capital.

Once you’ve attended the MIAM, you are given the opportunity to consider whether mediation is the right course of action for you. If it is, you will both attend a series of meetings to address the issues in dispute and at the conclusion of the mediation process the mediator will eventually prepare a document called a ‘Memorandum of Understanding’ that records the agreement you both reach.

If you don’t wish to proceed with mediation and decide to start legal proceedings, you will be issued with form FM1 by the mediator that will need to be presented to court. The matter can then proceed through the court system. 

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