Our Mediator is a former family law solicitor and expert in family law. His fees are:

Face to face meetings with all parties present at our offices:

First meeting (1 hour): The Mediation Information & Assessment Meeting

Fee: £190 inclusive 

( Each subsequent meeting of 1 hour is the same fee: £190 )

The Mediator will also draft the essential Memorandum of Understanding. The fee for this is £100 per hour. We will also provide you with the completed C 100 OR FM 1 Form if mediation does not work, at no extra cost, following the first appointment.

3-way telephone or Skype meetings ( no attendance at our offices is required):

£150 per hour

Each meeting lasts 1 hour.

On average it takes 3 - 5 meetings to reach a settlement on most issues, so the approximate overall total cost will be between £600 - £1,000. This may vary depending on the willingness of the parties to try to settle matters.This is the total cost, for all participants.These fees are in line with government recommended fees. Please check around to confirm this. Since April 2011 all parties must now consider mediation and attend an initial meeting with a mediator, before being allowed to proceed to court. This is not optional.

Mediation is significantly less expensive than going to court and instructing opposing sets of solicitors. Typical solicitors' bills for dealing with a divorce case can be approximately £15,000.

Which would you prefer? £1,000 (our total potential fees) or around £15,000 (potential solicitors' and court  fees).

 We do not offer Legal Aid funding (Community Legal Services funding).

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